Kwik-Klik is the original pioneer of high quality, innovative, sustainable hoardings for screening internal refurbishment work and securing external construction sites. Whatever your requirements, we can deliver advanced systems, low prices and expert advice.

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Bespoke Installations

Our professional service includes specifying, configuring and installing bespoke hoardings
for your project.

Architects’ Guide

We can provide everything you need to compile
a Bill of Quantities for your next project.

Direct Deals

Any hoarding, any quantity, we're unbeatable on PRICE, CHOICE, QUALITY and ADVICE. Give us a call now!

Sustainable Hoardings

Our industry-leading Ecogenik range includes
re-usable 100% recycled plastic panels.

Kwik-Klik and Hygienik Systems are trading companies within the Hygienik Holdings group. Ecogenik is the sustainability division of Kwik-Klik.

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