Kwik-Klik’s experienced in-house Graphics team can plan, artwork, print, and apply branded graphics to almost any surface

Our Graphics Lead, Tony Stead, has extensive knowledge of the graphics industry and a proven track record of delivering outstanding branded graphics for Kwik-Klik projects.

The primary service we offer is Hoarding Graphics which means Kwik-Klik can offer a seamless ‘2 in 1’ hoardings + graphics installation service. Our team also have decades of experience in producing (non-hoarding) Retail and Healthcare graphics. All three services are outlined below and link directly to their own specialist page on this website.

Hoarding graphics

High impact graphics applied to indoor or outdoor hoardings transform functional site protection systems into a marketing opportunity. We have created engaging hoarding graphics for brands such as Edinburgh Gin, Gucci, Tag Heuer, Hamleys, and Ted Baker. Because we have a skilled and experienced in-house Graphics team, we can often install graphics within 24 hours of the hoardings going up.

Retail graphics

A retail space offers many visual ways to communicate with customers. By using retail graphics on walls, windows, doors, and even floors you can direct, inform, inspire, disrupt and brand. Our Graphics team can help you achieve a range of retail objectives from showcasing products to secure more sales, to directing people to changing rooms or WCs.

Healthcare graphics

In a healthcare environment, visual communications can achieve much more than aid wayfinding; they can reassure, reduce stress, create calm, and distract. Our in-house Graphics team has extensive knowledge and experience in creating healthcare graphics that achieve these objectives, using appropriate imagery, as well as meeting all hygiene requirements for use in hospitals and care homes.

More examples of our hoarding, retail, and healthcare graphics

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