Healthcare graphics to inform, distract, reassure, and more

One of our specialist areas of expertise is Healthcare Graphics for spaces in medical and care settings. Just as in commercial settings, graphics in hospitals can be very powerful in influencing people and conveying desirable messages. Where a retail hoarding can create an advertising or branding opportunity, healthcare graphics can aid wayfinding, create calm, reassure, and provide a distraction in a potentially stressful environment.

Graphics specifically designed for healthcare settings

Healthcare graphics can be applied to a variety of environments within hospitals, health centres, surgeries and care homes and they must be designed to meet different criteria in each setting. We can offer all of the following options:

Large format wall graphics

Window graphics

Outdoor graphics

Access to appropriate and effective image resources

The healthcare graphics experts

The Kwik-Klik Healthcare Graphics team have many years of experience in creating appropriate graphics to achieve a range of objectives. We understand the visual devices required to reassure nervous patients; to calm potentially stressful environments; to simplify complex wayfinding instructions; to provide tranquil areas for employees; to engage and entertain children; to communicate key messages; or be suitable for those living with dementia.

Designed, produced, and installed by Kwik-Klik

Because we have the expertise, capabilities, and resources in-house, we can deliver a seamless healthcare graphics service from start to finish, meaning we have full control of the whole process and achieve economies of scale in terms of cost and timescales, as well as undertaking our own quality assurance.

Working with the healthcare industry

We work in collaboration with our clients and their providers to create the right graphics solutions for hospitals, care homes, and other healthcare settings. This means working closely with lead nurses and estates departments as well as architects, designers, and contractors. This joined-up approach allows all of us to bring our own specialist knowledge and experience to make sure we get things right, whether that’s using appropriate images for dementia settings, clear communications for wayfinding, or engaging displays for children’s wards.

For more information on our Healthcare hoarding systems, please visit our main Healthcare page. To see all of our graphics services please visit our Hoarding Graphics and Retail Graphics pages.

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