Kwik-Klik specialises in sustainable hoarding systems which use recycled, re-usable and low carbon components

We have pioneered the design and use of 100% recycled PVC hoarding panels since 2006 and installed them successfully in airports, supermarkets, department stores, hospitals, rail stations and major construction and manufacturing sites.

Zero Waste to Landfill sites

Kwik-Klik’s comprehensive range of re-usable hoarding systems generate Zero Waste to Landfill sites and off-cuts can be 100% recycled.

Our quick-fit, easy-dismantle, re-usable panels are a cost-effective, low-carbon alternative to plywood, chipboard, steel and virgin plastic hoardings.

Using our modular hoarding systems and simple re-usable fixings will reduce your company’s carbon footprint and generate substantial project and whole life cost savings.

Green benefits

Our sustainable products can benefit your company by:

  • maximising recycled and re-usable components
  • using 100% recyclable systems
  • lowering project carbon emissions
  • guaranteeing Zero Waste to Landfill
  • reducing installation times and transport costs
  • delivering cost-effective projects
  • achieving whole life cost savings

Driving Improvements

Our team is constantly updating our hoarding systems by embracing new developments and innovations in the manufacturing process and by selecting the most sustainable and long-lasting components. Over 60% of the hoardings we install are manufactured in the UK.

Our goal is to offer products and systems that achieve demonstrable reductions in carbon emissions during the life of a project. They will also yield substantial long term cost savings when compared to traditional painted timber/chipboard and heavy steel hoardings.

Kwik-klik clients include…

Competitive Prices

Our proven systems are robust, easy to install, re-locatable and cost-effective. They are vastly superior to traditional plywood hoardings and are priced to offer exceptional value for each project.

The Benefits

For details of Kwik-Klik systems and their extensive benefits, click on Systems and for case studies click here. Then call our expert team on 01274 525 660 for professional advice on your next project.

Want to buy our hoardings and fit yourself?

For supply-only hoarding systems, visit Hoarding Warehouse. Or call us on 01274 525 660 and we will advise you on the advantages of buying our systems and training your site teams to install them safely.