Project Description

Kwik-Klik has installed two high quality hoardings with bespoke graphics on the ground floor of One Canada Square, the landmark building in Canary Wharf, London.

Three 3m high PVC hoardings with a total length of 75 linear metres all feature the distinctive, colourful branding of Shutters restaurant.

The installation features two runs of our best-selling Kwik-Klik Freestanding internal hoarding system and a small external run of our high security Kentledge system.

The large format printing achieved a pin-sharp finish and and the joins are so neat you can barely see the double-door trade teams entrance in the centre of the hoarding.

Kwik-Klik Regional Director, Andy Lowe, says “As you would expect, a meticulous degree of planning has gone into creating and installing our hoardings in such a prestigious, high security location. We have really enjoyed working with the Canary Wharf team and their appointed specialist contractors on site.”

Systems used

K-K Freestanding
Premium indoor re-usable PVC hoarding

K-K Kentledge
Heavy duty outdoor re-usable PVC hoarding