Kwik-Klik installed a bespoke Fire Rated hoarding on the 46th floor of the Leadenhall Building in the City of London.

A robust floor-to-ceiling weatherproof hoarding was needed to allow the 46th floor to be extensively refurbished before replacement glazing was fitted to the building’s exterior.

The Kwik-Klik team fitted a Fire Rated hoarding two feet in from the edge of the building. Panels were cut down to 2m heights before being taken up in the service lift. An H-section channel was installed at 2m high to allow the top half of each panel to be positioned up to the full ceiling height amongst the ducting, service cables and rafters.

Kwik-Klik Director, Matthew Papworth said “This is another example of Kwik-Klik’s versatility. When the main contractor explained the situation and the location, we found a way to establish a bespoke hoarding that allowed them to meet their agreed deadlines.”

System used

K-K Fire Rated
Heavy duty weatherproof system