Kwik-Klik installed a 73 linear metre outdoor hoarding for Lush in Buchanan Street, Glasgow, featuring bespoke branded graphics prepared and applied by our in house Graphics team, who worked directly with the client.

The outdoor 2.5m high Kentledge hoarding system establishes a secure worksite perimeter around the store while renovation works are carried out. The hoarding is expected to be in place for 36 weeks.

Kwik-Klik’s in-house Graphics team led by Tony Stead worked closely with the client team to ensure the striking black and white graphics maximised the opportunity to promote the Lush brand.

Rain didn’t stop play

Even though the installation took place in the summer months, persistent rain over two consecutive days presented a real challenge to our Graphics team. However, the installation was completed on time and the pristine results can be clearly seen in the photographs.

One benefit of the rain was the Lush graphics are reflected in the hard paving, doubling the effect of the strong branding.

To discuss your requirements for hoarding graphics and all retail graphics formats, call Tony Stead on 01274 525 660.

Systems used

K-K Kentledge
Heavy duty secure site perimeter hoarding

K-K Branded Graphics
High impact graphics planned, prepared
and installed by our experienced team