Kwik-Klik installed bespoke Fire Rated and Freestanding hoardings with branded M&S graphics on the lower and upper floors of  Manchester’s Trafford Centre.

Four separate installations were planned and delivered by Kwik-Klik’s hoarding team and our in-house Graphics team, who have extensive experience of working with M&S branded graphics.

Three indoor hoardings were needed to conceal the M&S store frontage facing into the shopping centre on the lower and upper floors. They can be seen on both floors in the first photograph which features the escalators and the Trafford Centre’s unique arched glass roof.

The 25 linear metre, 2.4m high Freestanding hoarding on the upper floor featured a black built-in double-leaf personnel door, which can be seen in the second photograph.

On the lower floor, a 25 linear metre, 4.8m high, 2 hour Fire Rated hoarding was installed and a digi-lock double personnel door was covered in graphics to allow it blend in.

A fourth graphics-only installation, featuring the strawberry graphics seen in the last photograph, was installed by our Graphics team direct to the external glazing of the store’s outdoor entrance/exit. See our Retail Graphics page for more examples of graphics applied to non-hoarding surfaces.

Systems used

K-K Fire Rated
Heavy duty hoarding system

Kwik-Klik Freestanding
Versatile reusable indoor PVC hoarding system

Premium branded hoarding and window graphics formatted and installed by our in-house team