Kwik-Klik installed a 4m high One Hour Fire Rated hoarding with graphics for the new ProCook store within the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet in York.

18.2 linear metres of Kwik-Klik’s Fire Rated hoarding system were installed in one overnight shift, with the expertly applied branded hoarding graphics being added on the following night.

Secure digi-lock Double Personnel Doors were built into the hoarding to allow access for the trades and shopfitting teams.

Bespoke hoarding graphics

Bespoke branded Graphics were created and installed by our experienced in-house graphics team, managed by Tony Stead.

The Kwik-Klik team are well-versed in the process needed to create a professional branded hoarding that looks at home among the prestige brands in York’s Designer Outlet.

Co-ordinated branded hoardings

Following a site survey, the Kwik-Klik team create a hoarding drawing with accurate sizes and submit it with a permit to work to the main contractor and/or the client. This ensures artwork is created to accurate dimensions in line with the Artwork Guidelines pdf issued by our in-house graphics team.

When high-resolution artwork is received it is checked thoroughly by our graphics team and any issues are ironed-out in liaison with the design agency or the client’s graphics team. Approved artwork is then sent to print.

Fast turnaround

The application of the graphics by our specialist team is co-ordinated with the Kwik-Klik hoarding installation team to ensure that graphics for standard projects are applied on the same date as the hoarding, or within 24 hours if the hours of site access are restricted.

Systems used

K-K Fire Rated
Heavy duty hoarding system

Professional branded graphics created and installed by our in-house team