Kwik-Klik installed 500 square metres of full height Fire-Rated re-usable hoardings during the early construction stages of the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in North London (opened April 2019).

Our fully de-mountable and re-usable hoardings boosted the project sustainability scores, generating Zero Waste to Landfill sites.

The hoardings spanned heights of up to 6m to fill voids on two levels of the ground as seen in the photographs, creating temporary secure storage and work areas for the construction trades and their equipment.

FR30 hoardings provided a weatherproof internal working environment before glazing and finishing touches were added to the High Road side of the new stadium. Bespoke access doors were fitted within the hoarding to allow access to work teams and light machinery.

The hoarding were in place for 9 months on the West side of the stadium before they were dismantled by the K-K team, returned and prepared for re-use on similar projects.

Systems used

K-K Fire Rated
Heavy duty hoarding