Over a period of several years Kwik-Klik has installed a series of made-to-measure Fire Rated hoardings throughout Manchester’s huge Trafford Centre.

Pin-sharp branded graphics were added to each run of white Fire Rated hoarding to keep shoppers informed about the new store openings within the shopping centre. The hoardings comfortably span the heights and linear metres needed to neatly screen the stores which are undergoing upgrades or a change of tenancy.

Kwik-Klik regularly uses a ‘box’ Fire Rated hoarding design which allows tradesmen and store staff to access and decorate the store frontage as well as the interior of the store, before the store opening.

The first photograph on the right shows the quality finish of a long run of our white Fire Rated hoarding system before branded graphics were applied. Double personnel doors with digi-lock security are built into each hoarding and graphics are added over the doors so the imagery looks seamless.

Systems used

K-K Fire Rated
Heavy duty indoor hoarding