Project Description

Kwik-Klik has installed its re-usable R-11 Station Upgrade hoarding system on platforms 11 and 12 of London’s Waterloo Station.

Our experienced team installed 45 linear metres of our robust self-supporting hoarding which creates a secure works compound between the two platforms without damaging the surface.

The installation was completed in 2 consecutive nights during the designated Engineering Hours when contractors are allowed to work on station platforms. The hoarding will allow Network Rail to carry out a Flue Mast Survey.

A secure digi-lock double personnel door was installed within the hoarding configuration to allow access to engineers.

A further installation of our R-11 Station Upgrade hoarding will be done on Waterloo Station’s Platform 19 later in the year and the new hoarding will remain in place for approximately 16 weeks.

System used

K-K R-11 Station Upgrade
Network Rail and London Underground
approved specialist hoarding