The Kwik-Klik Graphics team understand the importance of providing engaging graphics in ‘back of house’ areas as well as in public-facing spaces.

As well as producing graphics for hoardings, we do a lot of large format graphics for non-hoarding applications, primarily in the healthcare and retail sectors. As you might imagine, this includes displays that are there for decorative purposes; to brighten up clinical environments, for visual merchandising; to entice customers to buy products in store, to make wayfinding easier; to provide tranquillity and privacy in a bereavement room, vibrancy and interaction in children’s wards, or nostalgic stimulation in a dementia space. All meaningful pursuits in retail environments and hospitals and all focused on the users of those spaces: customers, employees, patients, and visitors.

M&S Dublin      Back of house graphics in hospital staff room

We work with clients for whom the ‘back of house’ areas, i.e. the spaces only used by staff, are just as important as the public ones. The graphics seen above left are for Marks and Spencer (M&S) to encourage and reward colleagues as well as reinforce their pledges to customers. We’ve also created graphics for NHS hospitals, such as calming landscapes and beautiful views in staff kitchens and window films in staff break rooms (above right) that create a stained glass window effect, playing with colour and light.

Why colleague areas matter

Looking after the customer is the number one rule in retail and it goes without saying that patient care is the top priority for any healthcare setting but if you don’t take care of staff, who takes care of the customer? Organisations that provide spaces that are appealing, inviting, and inspiring for their staff are ones that understand their value.

That’s why we’re really happy to be involved in making this happen. We want the graphics that we apply to areas beyond the store or the ward to elicit the same responses as they do within them and it doesn’t have to be healthcare or retail; it could equally apply to any environment: corporate offices, manufacturing plants, education etc.

Kwik-Klik back of house WC graphics at M&S     Kwik-Klik M&S graphics for employees lounge     K-K M&S graphics in Kingston

Kwik-Klik M&S graphics for back of house areas in Cheshunt, Hempstead Valley and Kingston

Graphics for staff in public areas

Sometimes, the two endeavours cross over. The flags you can see around the outdoor areas of Bradford Royal infirmary (below) are there to represent the 72 staff nationalities employed by the hospital and are there to say thank you for choosing to come and work here and demonstrate the Trust’s dedication to inclusion and diversity. They also bring plenty of colour and joy to patients and visitors too.

The rainbow above the main entrance was also designed and applied by the the Kwik-Klik Graphics team.

Kwik-Klik external flag graphics at Bradford Royal Infirmary

Are your back of house areas engaging staff and making them feel valued?

There are many ways to communicate with your employees through large format graphics and blank walls certainly present a great opportunity. Contact our graphics lead, Tony Stead to find out more – email [email protected] or call 01274 525 660.