Hoarding graphics an important part of communicating store developments

In a tough retail environment, Marks & Spencer is undertaking a large number of store openings and relocations in a move that will reduce the overall number of stores yet safeguard 2,200 jobs and deliver efficiency and environmental benefits. The strategy is to rotate from a base of 247 stores to 180 higher quality, higher productivity, full line stores.

They have included nine openings, consisting of six new stores and three store renewals, in November 2023 alone. This is the biggest number of stores ever opened by the retailer in one single month.

Kwik-Klik’s role in the M&S rotation programme

In the overall scheme of the project, our role may be small, but it is important to keep customers informed and ensure that retail spaces in shopping centres and high streets remain vibrant.

Kwik-Klik’s Graphics team, led by Tony Stead, has been working with M&S to provide the hoarding and window graphics that communicate clearly what’s happening with their units. This includes hoarding graphics on new stores as they are renovated prior to them moving in, graphics on existing stores to communicate that they are closing but that a new, better store is coming in another unit close by and, finally, informing when an old store has closed and directing customers to the new store.

We have done this for M&S in several locations so far, including Manchester, Barnsley, Wrexham, and Swindon.

Why it’s important

There is no doubting that this ambitious project is entirely positive for the company, for staff, and for customers, but it’s vital that there is clear communication throughout the process. Our graphics are there to detail these developments, keeping people informed at all stages; not only to reassure, but also to build excitement and interest for the new stores.

This is contributing to a long term strategy that will see the company take ownership of a much improved store stock and future-proofing their business.

We look forward to continuing to support M&S through this exciting programme, which is due to continue through to 2028.

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