Kwik-Klik has completed an 18-month project on the Ground Floor of One Canada Square, the flagship building in Canary Wharf, London.

Working closely with the client, Kwik-Klik planned, configured and installed a series of temporary 3m high PVC hoardings which created several secure work areas where trade teams could work on refurbishments.

Kwik-Klik hoarding graphics at Canary Wharf

The built-in double doors in the photograph above (near the centre of the black diamond) are virtually invisible thanks to the careful application of the branded graphics.

One of the key objectives was to minimise disruption to tenants and visitors passing through the busy Ground Floor entrance. This was achieved by applying bespoke branded large format graphics to the hoardings, which were sympathetic with interior decor while effectively screening the work areas from public view.

Hoarding with graphics at Canary Wharf

As well as branded PVC hoardings, Kwik-Klik’s experienced in-house Graphics team also fitted black vinyl to hoardings and graphics to decommissioned doors and entrance wall areas featuring the logos of Canary Wharf and the Ground Floor Supernatural smoothie bar, as seen below.

Graphics at Canary Wharf Supernatural

Following completion, a spokesman for the Canary Wharf team said;

“We would like to thank the Kwik-Klik teams who assisted with the delivery, installation, and decoration of the hoardings that have become a mainstay in the reception area over the past 18 months.

The product allowed us to occupy as small a space as possible so as not to be overbearing in the very busy reception area during normal hours. The vinyl graphics allowed the hoardings to blend into the background so visitors weren’t distracted by their presence. The Kwik-Klik product was ideal for the environment.”

For more system details and photographs see our Canary Wharf case study.

If you require subtle, re-usable and sustainable indoor hoardings with branded graphics similar to Canary Wharf please call Andy Lowe on 01543 399 790 to arrange a site survey.