Project Description

Kwik-Klik can offer Care Homes a bespoke response to Government guidelines on creating COVID-secure visiting areas within their premises.

The hygienic performance of our floor-to-ceiling Hygienik Partitions is proven in NHS hospitals throughout the UK. We have created new Intensive Care Units and Isolation Rooms within existing wards by providing full height temporary PVC partition walls with integral windows and doors configured to meet the needs of each ward.

The same system can be adapted to provide COVID-secure visiting area within care homes which will ensure separate entrances for visitors and residents into a secure area. Within the visiting area, visitors and residents can see and talk to each other through a full height partition wall with a large built-in window made from clear PVC.

Putting hygiene and safety first

All of the PVC components in our partition systems are safe, stable and maintenance-free. The smooth hygienic PVC surfaces are easy to sanitise and clean and support the highest infection control standards.

Kwik-Klik can also design and install pin-sharp graphics to make the partition walls more colourful and welcoming. We have experience in producing graphics that follow dementia guidelines in hospitals and care home and will work with individual care homes to ensure the graphics are a perfect match with their special atmosphere and personality.

Download our Care Homes pdf.

Download our Care Homes pdf

K-K Care Home Visiting Areas