Kwik-Klik installed three re-usable PVC indoor hoardings in Heathrow Airport and Heathrow Underground station, using our white Clip to Scaffold and Freestanding systems and our LUL Blue R-11 Station Upgrade system.

Over 90 linear metres of white PVC hoarding was installed including a robust 3m high Clip to Scaffold work compound with a chequerplate steel corner protector as seen in the photograph on the right.

A 2.4m high hoarding run was created using our versatile Freestanding indoor hoarding system. All three systems incorporated Kwik-Klik’s secure digi-lock double personnel doors for trade access.

The R-11 blue hoarding system in the airport’s Tube station meets the strict specifications required by Network Rail and London Underground for use in Underground and Mainline stations.

Systems used

Clip to Scaffold
Robust, relocatable indoor system

Kwik-Klik Freestanding
Versatile, relocatable indoor system

R-11 Station Upgrade
Approved Kwik-Klik hoarding system for tube and railway stations