Kwik-Klik installed a bespoke outdoor High Rise PVC hoarding to protect the facade of a prestigious Hollister store at the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham.

The 9m high ‘double height’ hoarding is fixed to a scaffold frame at the rear and illustrates the unlimited versatility of our re-usable High Rise PVC hoarding system.

The 20 linear metre hoarding is made from 100% recycled white PVC panels and the ‘boxed out’ contours follow the shape of the existing Hollister store.

The hoarding was installed in 3 overnight shifts and it allows work on the facade and inside the store to progress ‘out of sight’ of shoppers using the adjacent Bullring entrance.

The High Rise PVC hoarding has a built-in digi-lock double personnel door which provides secure access for the trades and fit-out specialists.

System used

K-K High Rise
Outdoor scaffold frame system featuring 100% recycled PVC panels