Kwik-Klik has developed a range of desktop and freestanding StaySafe Protective Screens to allow employees to return to work safely in open plan offices.

The robust and stable screens are available in standard sizes and can also be made-to-measure to fit specific office dimensions.

The simple screens are made with clear PVC, white PVC panels and robust steel fixings. They are designed with hygiene, stability and safety in mind and they are re-usable and re-locatable.

As seen in the photographs, a combination of screen sizes can be adapted and used in almost any open plan office.

When the number and complexity of the screens requires it, Kwik-Klik offers a full design and install service. Alternatively, we can supply ready-made Protective Screens in standard sizes which can be positioned as needed within your offices.

For more information on our flexible and robust Protective Screens, call us now on 01274 525 660.

System used

StaySafe Screen
Protects employees in offices and high traffic spaces