Project Description

Kwik-Klik planned and installed both external and internal PVC hoarding systems to enable a 5-month refurbishment programme to begin at Bradford University.

A 40 metre run of our robust Kentledge system was specified for the external hoarding around the facade of the university building. Robust 480kg Kentledge Block weights were used to provide maximum stability for the external hoarding. 

A double personnel door for trade access was incorporated into the external Kentledge hoarding as seen in the photograph.

Inside the building a 40 metre run of 2.4m high Kwik-Klik Freestanding featuring our 15kg weights made from 100% recycled consumer waste plastic was installed with a Monoflex dust screen above to seal off the work area. A digi-lock double personnel door allows trade access to the work area behind the hoarding.

Both systems were installed on the same day by the experienced Kwik-Klik team.

Systems used

Kwik-Klik Freestanding
Versatile, relocatable indoor system with Monoflex dust screen and recycled plastic weights

Secure site perimeter hoarding in white PVC