Kwik-klik installed a 75 metre run of our foodsafe Freestanding PVC indoor hoarding system at Taylors of Harrogate, makers of the legendary Yorkshire Tea and other premium hot beverages.

As seen in the photographs, a white a Monoflex dust sheet was installed above the 2.4m high hoarding to prevent the escape of dust from the worksite.

The white foodsafe PVC panel system is maintenance-free, easy to clean and presents no trip hazards on the front-side of the hoarding.

The installation took 4 days to install and will be in place during a 12-week facilty upgrade project.

The sustainable, re-usable and re-locatable Freestanding hoarding panels are made from 85% recycled PVC and the 15kg weights at the rear are made from 100% recycled post consumer waste plastic.

The installation includes two digi-lock double personnel doors which allow secure access to the worksite for the trades involved in the facility upgrade.

Systems used

Kwik-Klik Freestanding
Versatile, relocatable indoor system with Monoflex dust screen and recycled plastic weights