Kwik-Klik has supplied nine Sky stores with a de-mountable and re-usable branded hoarding system which allows each outlet to trade normally during the day while a major store refurbishment is being carried out.

Our experienced in-house large format graphics team played a key role in liaising with the Sky team and planning the installation of the hoardings and the precise application of the bespoke Sky graphics.

Each of the Freestanding hoardings is designed to create a clean bright customer-friendly trading area in the centre of the store during opening hours. The hoarding hides the work in progress and the trade and shopfitting teams enter after hours to continue the refurbishment.

The hoarding photographed has a secure personnel door for trade access and is re-locatable. It can be fully dismantled and re-assembled in different positions or in different stores as required.

Our Graphics team worked with artwork supplied by Sky and the imagery was skillfully applied to allow each panel to be re-assembled as needed during the works.

The hoardings are at Sky Stores in premier shopping malls including Edinburgh and Bristol.

Systems used

Kwik-Klik Freestanding
Versatile, re-locatable indoor PVC system

Professional branded graphics created and installed by our in-house team